Helping communities become resilient to flooding

Resilico is a suite of digital products aimed to help people and organisations become more prepared for flooding. This project resulted in a user-friendly 'flood compliance' service that helps UK property and business owners learn about flood risks and gives accurate data to insurers, lenders, and government agencies.


In the UK, floods are happening more often, putting 1 in 4 properties at risk due to climate change. This situation endangers homes, infrastructure, and people. Many don’t know enough about flood risks or how to prepare for them, making the situation worse.

Additionally, the flood resilience industry needs to follow new government rules to improve flood defences. Insurers, lenders, and the government know the risks but need more information on 
how effectively properties are protected from floods and how well people can use these defences.

Our Approach

We worked with the Resilico team, specialists in flood resilience, insurance, and data management, 
to make a set of digital tools. Our research showed that being prepared and knowing when to act are important, so we designed our service to help in these areas. 

After trying out different ideas, we named our brand ‘Resilico’ and developed three specific digital products: Resilico Pro, Connect, and Report, each designed for different needs.

Resilico Pro

A tablet app for flood resilience professionals that helps follow industry rules by offering a standard way to manage projects, surveys, installations, handovers, and maintenance tasks.

Resilico Connect

A mobile app that helps property owners get ready for floods, act when needed, and stand down when safe. It offers personalised flood warnings, flood action plans and helps manage flood protection maintenance.

Resilico Report

A web dashboard for professionals and communities to oversee flood plans, projects, and schemes, making it easier to manage and reduce future flood risks.

The Results

As a result of this project, the Department for Education is now providing the Resilico product suite to schools in England and Wales, while homes across the UK can access it through a collaboration with Flood Re.

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