Department of Public Expenditure NDP Delivery and Reform

DPENDR – Life Event Design

The Department of Public Expenditure NDP Delivery and Reform (DPENDR) is uniting Irish government departments to develop citizen-centred services using a 'Life Events' approach. Commissioned to support this vision, we undertook the 'birth' life event and used service design methods to develop a better understanding of how parents' currently engage with public services in Ireland.


Our research revealed that parents in Ireland find the experience of accessing services disconnected and confusing. Existing services require parents to seek ad hoc guidance from family and friends… and with the burden of responsibility often felt most acutely by women, parents face additional strain during this time of significant change. We learned that within government, how parents interact with departments that interface with the birth and early childhood journey remains unclear, exposing a lack of joined-up thinking and inefficiency in service delivery.


This project was among the earliest efforts to enhance public services for Irish citizens through life event experiences. Our goal was to inspire new services that could delight citizens in their interactions with government. We carried out extensive research comprising multiple interviews with parents across Ireland. This informed the development of a service blueprint; illustrating a current state that weaved together parents’ needs and goals while exposing previously unseen obstacles and opportunities for change. Alongside project experts and stakeholders, we refined the blueprint to enhance the parenting journey – clarifying our collective understanding of the challenges and the potential for better future services.


Our work with DPENDR delivered documented artefacts that helped align the various teams and departments that interface with the birth and early childhood life event. We created a comprehensive map of the parent experience informed by research insight and an array of new possibilities – from quick win service improvements to entirely new service concepts. Bringing stakeholders together to provide feedback and build on the work, we prioritised ideas in a roadmap that enabled the advancement of service transformation for Irish parents and the life events approach across government teams.

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