Creating safer digital experiences by putting kids first

A research report that looks at how the online world can be transformed into a safer place for children and young people.

Rachel Orr

Good design leaves no one behind

Rachel Orr

Senior Content Designer

Rachel, Stephen and Maria with the report

The Principles

In order to create a positive change in the digital world and make products and services as safe as possible for children and young people, we need to rethink the way we currently do things. These four key principles can help us on the journey of creating safer experiences for children and young people. We must follow these principles in every step of the process if we want to make a difference.


Digital experiences designed for children and young people should prioritise and reflect what is best for them.


Great digital experiences for kids give equal consideration to developmental needs, age, ethnicity and religion


Imagine new digital experiences that enable and support children’s growth and development.


Listen to young users and seek to understand their feelings and their expectations to create digital experiences that meet all of their needs.

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