Prototyping our way to a new venture – Enoksen

Design thinking in every component, we teamed up with Hans-Henrik Enoksen to launch a new company. Every stage of this process was validated with low-risk prototyping and testing exercises with real customers.

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  • Venture Design
  • Brand Identity
  • User Experience
  • User Research
  • User Interface Design
  • Packaging
  • Photography

Imagine wristwatches of exceptional quality but without the big brand markup

This ambition and a long-held appreciation for the craft of watchmaking was the driving force behind this new company. Enoksen began with a mission to match the very finest workmanship with great design and bring a new range of watches to market without the usual ‘brand tax’.

Enoksen and Big Motive set out on this adventure together to create watches that celebrate beauty in utility.


A Danish family of watch lovers

The name Enoksen originates from the company founder Hans-Henrik Enoksen. Ever since he got his first dress watch, an Omega Seamaster, passed on from his father, he developed a lifelong passion for watches. For Hans, nothing is more important than the combination of craftsmanship and design.

Design thinking in every component

This appreciation of design goes beyond the surface – it extends to more than just the watch face or website. Led by human-centred design principles, we clearly defined our customer, building a vivid picture of their needs and interests. Informed by this we explored and tested ideas for the brand name, visual identity, photography, packaging and e-commerce experience, centred around the people that may become our customers. Every stage of the process was validated with low-risk prototyping and testing exercises, and in June 2018, Enoksen launched the first production run of (now highly collectable) Deep Dive E01/A watches.

After only six months Enoksen has already caught international attention and is now represented by both Bernard Fouqet and Mikael Pernfors. With design as a shared, core value our partnership with Enoksen continues to be an exciting and inspiring journey.


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