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SureCert is a high potential startup which enables recruiters to instantly verify candidates’ qualifications and references.

Services Provided
  • User Research
  • Information architecture
  • User testing
  • User experience
  • User Interface Design
SureCert - User research workshop

Solving the right problem

As online recruitment offerings flood the marketplace, the verification of claims made by candidates is becoming more essential than ever. Working closely with SureCert and our software partner Kainos’ engineering team in Gdansk, Poland we set out to discover the most pressing problems in recruitment processes, particularly around the validation of qualifications and certifications. By doing this, and unwrapping users’ real needs and wants, we could apply insights drawn from first-person feedback. This informed how the product looked, but most importantly, how it worked.

We began by looking for a sector in which recruitment challenges were most pronounced, and in discussion with recruiters, quickly narrowed our focus to nursing. The job seeking process for nurses is very arduous, bound by rigorous authentication checks and documentation reviews. This process has to be repeated for each and every job application – a real problem for both Nurses and Recruiters given the average 76 days needed to process each one. Ultimately, this compounds problems arising from skills shortages in the healthcare system.

We asked…

How might we make it easier for Nurses to verify their certifications and qualifications whilst allowing Recruiters to gain access to verified Nurses?

At the outset, we ran a Discovery workshop to get under the skin of what were the current problems facing Nurses. We used insights from this to develop User Personas. Using these personas we were able to recruit a targeted group of individuals from the Nursing sector including Nurse Managers, Nurse Recruiters, Graduate Nurses and students. We conducted one-to-one interviews and focus groups to test our assumptions, understand their pain points and reveal any insights that could inform the design strategy.

Findings that emerged from the initial research underpinned the mapping of user journeys. User journeys were mapped out in greater fidelity with common stages from multiple journeys identified and correlated. These journeys acted as a springboard from which to start wireframe development.

We developed a series of sketch wireframes that address the functionality, user experience and needs of users. Throughout the project we employed a regular testing regimen, which began with the testing of these early prototypes.

SureCert - User experience wire framing

Following wireframe prototype testing, we started to iterate visuals to an agreed design scheme and developed visual prototypes. This again was tested with our cohort of users to ensure that we maintained a genuinely shared understanding of user behaviour and needs. This contributed to a body of human-centred insight which was continuously used to improve the UX as we worked through successive product iterations.


SureCert - Candidate profile MacBook

Ongoing engagement from the Nursing community has helped reduce the paperwork currently faced by Nurses when looking for jobs with “90% of the Nursing candidates finding that SureCert significantly reduces the time taken to connect with recruiters”.

With the help of Kainos we were able to create a unique, frictionless platform that allows candidates to create their own secure, personalised CVs using verified data from awarding bodies. It also enables recruiters and agencies to verify qualifications, memberships and references from trusted sources, seamlessly. SureCert aims to provide a better way to find and process job opportunities and become employed – quicker.

In embarking on a human-centred approach, we developed a body of user intelligence which was continuously used to improve the UX as we worked throughout the different phases of the project. Continually having the users at the heart of the process allowed us to act as the voice of the customer on the product team when working with Kainos on the development of the platform. This ensured we focused on the creation of a consistent, intuitive user experience for SureCert.

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