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At Big Motive, human-centred design underpins every challenge we take on. We believe in radical collaboration because we’ve found that designing with people, creates alignment, acceleration and greater potential impact. Blending data analysis with deep customer insight, we work to create hyper-relevant experiences that inspire engagement, change and growth.

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A team of designers, strategists, and creative problem solvers dedicated to making an impact on your business and our world.

Big Motive People - John Cranney (Design Manager)

John Cranney

Business Development Lead

Big Motive People - Lola The Showgirl (Wellness Officer)

Lola The Showgirl

Morale Manager

Pearse O’Neill

Interaction Designer

Big Motive People - Jonathan Willis (Interaction Designer)

Jonathan Willis

Interaction Designer

Big Motive People - Carol McHugh (UX Researcher)

Carol McHugh

UX Researcher

Big Motive People - Jon-Paul Samuels (UX Engineer)

Jon-Paul Samuels

Technical Lead

Big Motive People - Rebecca Walsh (Service Design Lead)

Rebecca Walsh

Design Director

Big Motive People - Damian Cranney (Managing Partner)

Damian Cranney

Managing Director

Big Motive People - Sarah Pannasch (Communication Designer)

Sarah Pannasch

Design Lead

James Dillon


Maíra Rahme


Big Motive People - Philip The Whippet (Wellness Officer)

Philip The Whippet

Wellness Officer

Big Motive People - Stephen Shaw (Experience Design Partner)

Stephen Shaw

Design Director

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