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Big Motive’s UX Lab is a 2-week process for improving the user experience of a digital product. It gets to the heart of problems, enables an evidence-based diagnosis and delivers actionable findings.

UX Lab - User Insight - User Testing

What does a UX Lab look like?

1. Map

Building a picture of the users and challenges

We start by building an understanding of your users, creating personas for those we agree should be the primary focus. We set out all of the assumptions we have about them and their behaviors and map out the journeys that are most critical to their needs. This is cross-referenced with your principal business goals and known challenges.

UX Lab - Idea Mapping

2. Analyse

Auditing usability and analytics

To help inform our review of usability we frame the exercise with a scoring matrix based on the Nielsen/Norman Group’s standard usability heuristics. This audit is structured around the journeys we’ve mapped for each of our primary users. With you, we review current SEO activity and interrogate analytics across all channels. This helps build a clear picture of the performance of the existing product and identify opportunities for improvement.

UX Lab - Observation

3. Observe

Testing the experience with real people

We conduct and record a series of interviews with test users who we recruit based on our deeper understanding of your target user-base. These interviews are structured around tasks that the test users are asked to carry out using your product. We also observe the testers as they carry out the same tasks on competitor or similar products for the purposes of comparison.

UX Lab - User Insight - User Testing

4. Insight

Delivering actionable findings

Having synthesized all of the knowledge we’ve gathered, we compile and document this in detail and highlight the main findings and insights. The UX Lab concludes with a workshop to share back the insights, agree priorities and recommend next actions.

Why run a UX Lab?

A great user experience is critical to the success of any product. More than that, it’s critical for business growth. The UX Lab is a rapid, tested way to find out how to improve your user experience and drive growth in user acquisition, retention and conversions.


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