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About Big Motive

Big Motive is an independent experience design studio. For over a decade, we have delivered value and impact for our clients and their customers through the creation of new digital products and services. We specialise in the application of human-centred design to complex business and technology problems. Through our deeply collaborative way of working, we empower visionary teams with the skills to lead innovation. This approach unlocks culture change in the teams we work with as well as better outcomes for people, society and good businesses.  We work with a broad spectrum of clients; from multinational brands to high potential startups and government teams dedicated to transforming public services.


We’re passionate about building an inclusive culture and a diverse team and we’re searching for an expert in digital product design to join us.  In this role of product design lead, you’ll work as a hands-on member of one of Ireland’s leading design teams. You will lead a range of exciting projects, and bring a blend of digital expertise and UX design skills to deliver award-winning user-centred experiences for clients in health and wellbeing, local government and a range of other sectors. 

You can expect to work with a caring, high performance and cross-disciplinary team. You can expect to feel integrated with client teams you’ll be working with as well as being supported by your team-mates. You can also expect to deepen your product design and process knowledge through an exciting period of business growth.

About you

  • You appreciate the power of perfectly crafted design
  • You have a growth mindset, consider yourself a global citizen and you’re inspired by the immense potential for change in the world
  • You’re a finisher and get lots of pleasure from seeing projects through
  • You love digital and have more than a passing interest in technology
  • You have experience designing and building solutions in resource-constrained environments
  • You’re comfortable navigating challenges and tough situations
  • You thrive in a creative highly collaborative environment
  • You’re skilled at visualising ideas and prototypes

Key Responsibilities

  • Explore and communicate design concepts for digital products through artefacts like sketches, user flows, wireframes, prototypes
  • Participate in design research, user research and usability testing
  • Facilitate and participate in workshops and discussions to generate and communicate ideas
  • Appreciate and know when to challenge business requirements whilst being a champion for user needs
  • Validate design concepts by eliciting user feedback, measuring usability and considering market analysis
  • Engage clients, stakeholders and your team to ensure your proposed idea aligns with user needs. business goals technical constraints
  • Use prototyping tools to convey movement, functionality and to tell a project’s story
  • Work closely with engineers to bring concepts to life and to quickly resolve problems
  • Build robust design systems that allow client teams to scale product effectively
  • Develop and deliver artefacts, precise documentation and beautifully designed presentations
  • Contribute to healthy team motivation and morale

Job Requirements

As well as having developed a portfolio that demonstrates a range of product design skills and knowledge of the design process, you are:

  • A design generalist. Whilst you have developed a specialism you also possess a range of typography, layout and Information visualisation skills with a working understanding of lean design processes, iterative prototyping use of common design software
  • Passionate about innovating through design – bringing original thinking, strong design practice and advocating for the user
  • Able to think holistically about the big picture when designing a product, whilst being detail-oriented and delivery focused.
  • A clear communicator. You are capable of conveying ideas, breaking down concepts clearly for a diverse range of stakeholders (verbally and written)
  • Open to sharing… your thoughts, ideas and work-in-progress
  • Want to grow. You seek out opportunities to learn and empower yourself those you work with
  • Resilient. You can handle pressure and you’re able to work in a dynamic and fast-moving environment
  • Adaptable. You thrive in ambiguity, are comfortable switching contexts and able to apply design practice across a range of industries and to different deliverables and goals
  • Able to travel, occasionally and when required, with advance planning

Please apply by contacting us at: with the following: cover letter, current CV, portfolio website address (if available) and your LinkedIn profile address.

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